In Irpin russians crushed dead Ukrainians into asphalt – the mayor [video in Ukrainian]

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The mayor of Irpin Oleksandr Markushin said that according to preliminary data, up to 300 civilians and up to 50 servicemen died in Irpin.

“People who didn’t like them [russian occupiers – UT] – they were just shot. I’ll tell you, maybe someone won’t like it, but it’s true. They used tanks to roll over dead Ukrainians, they crushed them into the asphalt. It was scary to watch.

He said there was no exact number of civilians killed and said that when there was heavy fighting, people were simply buried in yards and parks. Markushin estimates that up to 300 civilians were killed.

The mayor also said that he was told by residents who came out of the basements that they were not only undressed there, but there were also facts of “abuse of women.”

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