I am living proof of the terrible things they do to people – US veteran about russian captivity

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A veteran of the US army, a native of the state of Alabama, Alex Drueke went to war in Ukraine as a volunteer at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, because, as he says, he considered it his duty, voanews.com reported.

As an experienced military man, Alex, in particular, took part in the training of Ukrainian defenders, and in June he went on a combat mission in the Kharkiv region, where he was taken prisoner by the russians. The soldier was tortured and threatened with death.

In an interview, Drueke said that he had not seen such cruelty as in the russian army in all 12 years of experience in military service and participation in military campaigns in Iraq. In the torture chambers, Alexander lost 14 kg of weight. Three months later, he waited for his release, which the russians also carried out with torture.

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