Howard Buffett: We don’t give Ukraine everything it needs, but we ask to fight so that we don’t have to

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Howard Buffett

Speaking at a conference on the restoration of Ukraine in London, the American billionaire and philanthropist Howard Buffett reproached its participants, state leaders and businessmen that Ukraine is not getting everything it needs to defeat russia, while at the same time it is being asked to wage war so that no one was forced to take part in it directly, reported.

Buffett emphasized that the war going on in Ukraine will change the course of history, so now the leaders of the countries and businessmen should be “on the right side”.

“We’ve been helpful, but we’ve been slow. At times, we’ve been indecisive. We’re not providing the Ukrainians with everything they need to win this war. And what’s worse, we’re asking Ukraine to fight this war so that we don’t fight it ourselves. This policy leads to the death of people every day,” he said.

The billionaire also appealed to those who, by any means, seek to prevent the “escalation” of the war.

“To those concerned about the escalation of this war, I simply ask you: Are you paying attention to how the geopolitical landscape is changing and has already changed? It is not to our benefit. It is not to the benefit of anyone sitting in this room. Do you have the slightest idea what will our world look like if we let Ukraine lose?” said Buffett.

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