Google is bending to russia’s pressure

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Amid threats of being suspended in russia, Google has become embroiled in a series of disputes with the kremlin that may be causing the international technology company to bend to moscow’s pressure and adhere to its growing demands, rferl reports.

On February 7, russian media reported that Google has begun to censor search results in russia after a protracted standoff with the country’s powerful communications watchdog, Roskomnadzor. One anonymous official at the agency claimed the U.S.-based company was blocking some 70 percent of the websites blacklisted by russia.

Roskomnadzor spokesman Vadim Ampelonsky told state news agency RIA on February 7 that “we have developed a constructive dialogue with Google and this dialogue currently satisfies us.”

Meanwhile, Vasily Piskaryov, the chairman of the russian Duma’s Security and Anti-Corruption Committee, said after meeting with a Google representative the same day that the company was taking extra measures to ensure its maps in russia display Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula as russian territory.

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