French MEP: Step-by-step military aid to Ukraine is totally wrong

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The West needs to change its thinking and its strategy regarding military assistance to Ukraine, it is about helping ourselves, French MEP Raphaël Glucksmann, Chair of the Special Committee on Foreign Interference, was cited as saying by

“The strategy of gradual, step-by-step arming of Ukraine, which the West has chosen, is wrong. This strategy costs an unimaginable price in human lives. For obvious reasons, we do not send our soldiers, but we must send absolutely everything that is necessary for Ukraine to win. We must take a proactive stance, aviation, air defense, long-range missiles, whatever is necessary, ” Glucksmann said.

What we need to do is a “complete package” for Ukraine, he added.
“The reason for this should be the only acceptable strategic goal of the West – the military defeat of russia,” Glucksmann said.

“It’s not just about planes or long-range missiles, it’s about changing mindsets. This is not Ukraine fighting for itself, but we are helping it. Ukraine is fighting for us, and we are helping ourselves. This is the honest and sincere attitude that should be,” Glucksmann said.

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