First ship with liquefied natural gas for Ukraine will reach Poland tomorrow

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A ship carrying US liquefied natural gas destined for Ukraine docks tomorrow at Świnoujście, Poland’s LNG landing terminal on the Baltic. 

Brokered by ERU, an American company working in Kyiv since 2016, the liquid cargo will total 90 million cubic meters after regasification. Dale Perry, the ERU managing partner, tells the UBN that gas shipments from Poland to Ukraine could increase 5-fold, to 5 billion cubic meters, if about $200 million were invested in expanding capacity on 200 km stretch of pipeline between eastern Poland and Western Ukraine. The work – doubling an existing pipeline and adding compressors – could be done in one construction season.

GNL Quebec representatives met last week with Ukrainian energy officials last week to explore the possibility of delivering Western Canada gas to Ukraine via LNG tankers to Poland. Under the planned US$5.5 billion Énergie Saguenay Project, a 700 km northeast extension to the TransCanada pipeline would bring gas to Port Saguenay, a deep water port near the Saint Lawrence River.

Using the cheap electricity of Hydro-Québec, GNL would liquefy gas for shipping across the North Atlantic. From Saguenay to Świnoujście is 3,400 nautical miles, half the distance from Qatar to Świnoujście. It is two thirds the distance of New Orleans-Świnoujście.

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