CNN: With no justice for MH17 victims, what’s to prevent the next attack?

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When our team at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe first heard of the downing of a Malaysia Airlines jet over Ukraine five years ago Wednesday, one of my colleagues predicted the incident would be a game changer — perhaps even triggering US intervention in the war with russia in eastern Ukraine, writes Michael Bociurkiw for CNN.

russia, which has been implicated in the crime by the Dutch-led investigation team, now seems to have an ally in its bid to escape blame: none other than the country that owns the flag carrier – Malaysia, prime minister of which has begun to publicly question the evidence. There were 44 Malaysians aboard MH17, including the 15-member flight crew.

Without the strong and unified backing of the international community, achieving justice for the victims of MH17 will be next to impossible. russia will do everything it can to exploit any apparent disunity. If the thugs who brought down MH17 are allowed to do so with impunity, what is to prevent other terrorists from doing the same?

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