Bild: He is Back. putin has revived the cult of Stalin

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Cult of Stalin

Er ist wieder da. [He is back. – YT]

For some time now one of the three worst mass murderers in history has been considered as a role model and a successful politician in russia, again: Josef Vissarionovich Stalin, born on 18 December 1878 in Georgia, died on 5 March 1953 – 66 years ago, writes Bild.

For 26 years of his dictatorship (1927-1953) Stalin killed up to 20 million people. Under Vladimir putin’s leadership, like 66 years ago, mass slaughter is again suitable for kremlin. There is a Stalin cult in putin-Land!

T-shirts with Stalin, pullovers with Stalin, caps, his doppelgangers, posters, mugs, stickers, and Stalin busts – everything is back. Even the commemoration of Stalin is back.

Stalin, the nationalist, has made his way back to the school and kindergarten curriculum too, with Soviet songs about his role as a very successful leader. Hundreds of admirers queued in front of Stalin’s grave with a bust behind the Lenin Mausoleum this week (on the day of his death) in the Red Square in moscow. This action is called “Two carnations for Comrade Stalin”.

Among those who brought flowers for Stalin, there were activists who got a taste of how Stalin is appreciated in putin’s Empire. One man did not lay down the carnations, but threw them towards the bust with a scream: “Burn in hell, the executioner of people, the murderer of women and children!” The consequence for this man: direct arrest and pre-trial detention.

In putin-Land the criticism of Stalin is prohibited. Last year, the British black comedy “Stalin’s death” was banned in russia. One moscow cinema that resisted this order was searched. In contrast, the shirts that are praising Stalin as a great leader, are sold even in occupied Crimea.

Stalin defeated fascism in the form of Hitler Germany – that must be enough as a narrative. It is not taught in russia that Stalin attacked Poland shortly after Hitler, forged the Hitler-Stalin pact with Hitler.

There are no Stalin’s victims in the official historiography of the kremlin. The facts that Stalin murdered Kozaks, chased and resettled the German minority, starved to death millions of Ukrainians and Kazakhs, priests, artists, intellectuals, scientists, social democrats and even communists were exiled or ended up on his death lists and in his gulags, that his NKVD set up in Hitler’s concentration camps, that Chechens and Tatars were killed or deported – all this remains unlearned in putin’s russia! Also, that Stalin deported and killed Jews before, during, and after the Second World War.

There are only immortal heroes of Stalin’s Soviet Union, but no victims.

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