Belgian Counterintelligence Chief Suspected of Spying for russia

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Clement Vandenborre, counterintelligence head in Belgium’s intelligence service, has been placed under house arrest over suspicions that he might have spied for russia, writes European Views.

The head of the counterintelligence department within Belgium’s General Information and Security Service (ADIV) has been temporarily removed from office for the duration of an internal investigation, according to Belgian newspaper De Morgen, which cites several sources.

Vandenborre, who has been with the Belgian counterintelligence service for 40 years, has denied the accusations. He, whose office was sealed at the end of January 2019, stands accused of spying for russia based on a letter by another Belgian counterintelligence officer. The letter alleges that during a special operation in Serbia back in 2016, Vandenborre provided the Serbs with access to classified information.

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